How to kill time without wasting it

So if you’re anything like me, you reach moments in the day (whether it be at home or work) when there’s nothing to do. Well, there’s always something to do, but you don’t feel like looking that hard or busting out a huge project. So you do what most of us do: log on to facebook or pinterest. While these are nice for a little while, soon you start getting to the “I’m refreshing just to see if anything interesting happens” stage.

The inspiration behind this post is that while I’ve been wasting time online, one of my best friends has written a book. And not like a full-time thing, but a free time kind of thing. Personally I’ve always wanted to write a novel, but I’m faced with the reality that I just don’t have make the time for it.

So here are a couple of my suggestions for ways to kill time, without wasting it.

#1 Write a Book, Blog, or Journal

If you like to write, there is always time at work or in the line at the grocery store to jot a few lines down in your smartphone or memo pad. It may not seem like much, but 5 mins of writing a day is 30 hours a year! It ads up. A book or blog you can turn around to share your thoughts and possibly earn some dough in the process. A journal is less for others and more for yourself. It may seem insignificant but years down the road you’ll read what you wrote and treasure it. For some writing tips and prompts, check out my post here.

#2 Learn a language

This sounds pretty intimidating, but it’s something that works better when you do just a little bit every or every other day. If you don’t have the moola for Rossetta Stone (which really is an amazing program) I would suggest MindSnacks. Its a mobile game that teaches you basic vocab. The first level is free but to unlock the whole thing is only about 5 or 6 dollars. Definitely worth it. See my list of the best free apps here.

You can also learn a computer language. As our world gets more and more digitized, knowing a computer language has become more and more marketable. If you don’t know where to start, I’d say basic HTML. If you know the basics, I’d say CSS, Java, Rails, whatever you can sink your teeth into.

#3 Get internet freebies

There’s tons of freebies online if you know where to look. Of course, be smart, don’t give credit card info for something that’s “free”. One site is which everyday lists 10 free samples you can have sent to your house. This may seem small, but its free and could save you a little money here and there. Another site is  where you take surveys, get points and trade them for gitcards.

#4 Read a Book

Now most of us don’t carry a book around waiting for free time, but most of us do have a smartphone. While ebooks aren’t as good as a “good ol’ book” they are convenient. Also, many ebooks are free! So don’t forget that that device in your pocket can double as a virtual library.

So these are just a couple of ideas. Be sure to share yours below and I’ll add the good ones!

how to kill time without wasting it

how to kill time without wasting it


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