Changing a V-neck to a Sweetheart

Dress before alteration

Dress before alteration

I had a beautiful dress a friend gave me, but I never wore it because I was uncomfortable with how low the neckline went. So I started brainstorming how to fix this, but the internet was no help. Since the dress had a busy pattern, I figured I could probably tack some material to the font.


I figured if I kept the new material in the same criss-cross kind of line it would blend better. My next problem was where to get material that went with my dress. I wanted to match, so my options were pretty much from two places: where the neck tied, or from the sash where it ties in the back.

I decided to take from the back sash because it was wider coverage.

Before I started any cutting or sewing, I pinned the sash material to the front to see how it would look and if it would work.

photo 2edit2

Once I had it pinned where I liked, I sewed the neckline first. Then I cut the sash giving myself an inch or so extra fabric to tuck into the waist band. I ripped the seams inside the bust, pulled the extra fabric through and sewed her up! Don’t forget to fix up the cut sash!

Here’s the final look at before and after:



Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever wanted to alter a neckline before that you found difficult?




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