Newsflash – Makeup Expires

So for some of you this is a “duh” statement, but I didn’t know makeup expired until I found out on pinterest. Being a tomboy most my life I honestly didn’t give it much thought. So for those of you like me who didn’t know, look for this symbol on your makeup products:


This symbol means that your makeup is no good 12 months after you’ve opened it. (And every makeup has different time frames, so don’t think 12 is the magic number) Now if you’re like me, you see this symbol, open your makeup, then forget when you opened it… Which kind of defeats the purpose. So since my face and eyes were quite upset about my current makeup, I trashed it all and bought fresh versions. But again I faced the same problem, so how can I remember when they’re no longer good?


For me the simple solution was to label each individual thing with its expiration date the day I cracked it open. I don’t have a fancy label maker or anything, I just printed out dates on printer paper with yellow highlights and taped them on. Now I know when each thing has to be replaced and I can hopefully stay away from irritation caused by expired product. Also, remember to wash your hands before using makeup!! Bacteria in your makeup is a no no!



So do you have any methods to keeping your makeup? Share them below in the comments section!




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