Easy in the morning – stuffed biscuit waffles

So I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a roll out of bed and rush out the door kind of person. This means that I have no time for a sit down breakfast, which is too bad since breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So since I don’t have time to sit down, my breakfast is whatever I can grab and go.

I’m a big fan of toaster foods. Bagels, poptarts, strudels, and yes, freezer waffles. However, I’m not a big fan of how much toaster foods cost and how they all seem to be carb sugar carb. So the other day when my husband bought a bunch of canned biscuits, I got an idea.

So without further ado, stuffed biscuit waffles.

waf1To make these you’ll need: a waffle iron, 1 can of 10 biscuits, 2-3 scrambled eggs, 5 thin slices of meat, and 2 slices of cheese, cooking spray (optional) and 10-20mins

Open your package of biscuits and grab two of them. Flatten them out next to each other. Then, grab your toppings and pile them on one of the flattened biscuits. Make sure your eggs are crumbled before you put them on. And I only used a third a slice of cheese on each waffle, I kind of crumbled it too. For the meat since it was thin I just folded int in half and slapped it on. If you don’t have sliced meat you can use other stuff too, just make sure its chopped up or crumbly.

After you’ve added your fillings, folded the second biscuit over to make your biscuit pocket. Pick the whole thing up and place it in your pre-heated waffle iron. I had mine on the medium heat setting. (If you want, you can spray down the waffle iron with cooking spray, but I’ve found that the biscuits are oily enough on the own, its not necessary.) Close your waffle iron and wait 45-70 seconds. Pop out your stuffed waffle!

waf234This recipe is enough to make 5 stuffed waffles. (which is perfect for one person’s work week) After your done making them, just pop ’em in a freezer bag and throw them in the freezer! When you need breakfast in a rush, pop one in the toaster and enjoy!


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